Author: Mark L. Michaelson

How to keep your eyes in good health

July 8, 2020

Ven in case you are careless about your fitness and the rest of your frame, you virtually cannot have the funds for to overlook your eyes. The well-being of this treasured pair is essential so that you can retain to have a amazing first-rate of life even to your superior years. However, the tragedy is […]

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Optometrists play key role in primary eye care

July 6, 2020

In March 2015, medical magazine Nature published a record on “The Myopia Boom”, concluding that quick-sightedness is achieving epidemic proportions. In May 2016, scientific journal Ophthalmology reported that 50 consistent with cent of the arena’s population could be myopic via 2050. Last yr, the World Health Organisation published an article on “The Impact of Myopia […]

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Eye care in children should start early, says expert

July 3, 2020

Children’s eye health starts within the newborn nursery and must keep for the duration of formative years. For many youngsters, an assessment through a pediatrician may be sufficient. But if a child has a family history of vision or eye issues or has signs, he or she may want to have an professional eye exam. […]

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