2018 has been 12 months of lip fillers, fats injections, and hair transplants, but it has also been 12 months of “lethal” Brazilian bum lifts and ops that would be “the following black market boob job.

So what’s going to 2019 have in store? Cosmetic specialist and TV doc Dr. Tijion Esho has revealed the brand new treatments he supposes can be the largest hits a subsequent year. Trends in aesthetics won’t be as throwaway as hair and make-up, but with new technology and remedies being found all of the time, it’s essential for practitioners to live clued up,” he said. You may also have heard of facial mapping earlier than as it’s currently been approved.

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The treatment makes use of technology to measure extraordinary elements of your face to re-shape it – and you can see it all before even having an op. “Using 3D imaging and augmented truth, clients get a hazard to look what their face will seem like put up remedy before they’ve even gone close to a needle,” Dr. Esho defined. “The new remedy works on the complete face and might rework round faces into defined, sharp silhouettes.

“The large recreation changer is that as opposed to using a plastic surgical procedure to make the changes circa 2018, the consequences are finished thru bespoke fillers.”
Botox is rarely new… Ladies have been using it for many years to clean out quality traces. But a brand new type of Botox could make the results ultimate plenty longer. “Still the number one requested remedy,” in keeping with Dr. Esho.

“In 2019, the Botox marketplace is going to be ‘blown aside’ thanks to a brand new E-type 2 toxin. “You’ll need less of it and the results remaining longer, which is good for practitioners because it approaches you to store greater in phrases of dosage and desirable for patients as the durability means fewer remedies.” So you are probably careworn as to how you may have a peel without having a peel?

“Peels have historically been aggressive at the pores and skin; however, smarter peels are coming that create the same result with zero downtime,” Dr. Esho stated. “Treating the whole lot from zits, redness, and hyperpigmentation, they gently modify the pH of the pores and skin that triggers a mild however powerful peel. “You will nonetheless want a course of them and that they don’t come reasonably-priced; however, you may be in a position to stroll directly lower back into work without visible signs and symptoms of dropping.”

Basically, they may be kinder in your skin by using no longer stripping it returned an excessive amount of every remedy. Lasers are rarely a brand new remedy either. They have got been used for years to reduce pigmentation and lines.

But low strength lasers paintings together with your frame for better outcomes. Meet the Byonik – the new low electricity laser that works on your heartbeat. “The concept is that your cells are maximum permeable and receptive while your coronary heart is ready to pump, so by way of the use of a pulse oximeter, the lasers surge just earlier than your heart beats,” Dr. Esho said.

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“As properly as beams in sync with the beat, it helps push the topical cosmeceuticals involved deeper into the pores and skin.” Microneedling has been achieved for a while too… However, it is about to get a face to elevate itself. “The hassle with micro-needling is when you’re seeking to get a terrific float on the needle, and it slips anywhere,” Dr. Esho defined.

“Solving the hassle is the Dermapen4. Completely cordless, Bluetooth so practitioners can connect it to their smartphone. It also has all of the protocols to record clients’ settings at the app. “With 1900 vibrations per minute and a stamp mode of 3mm, it’s the fastest, deepest pen out there and can even treat hypertrophic scars.” But there are a few offerings you’re higher off avoiding
Like any cosmetic technique, there are constantly going to be risks or downsides. Dr. Esho has also discovered some of the strategies you’re first-class guidance clear of.

1. Dermaplanning

If you have no longer heard of it, it essentially entails shaving the top layer off your face – enough said. “Based upon an old Egyptian approach that makes use of a blade to eliminate the very pinnacle layer of skin alongside any ‘peach fuzz,’ this can be visible as an effective manner to supply product and reap a perfect end with makeup,” Dr. Esho stated.

“However, that is an outdated technique for which the consequences are very brief, and on its personal, it’s not a valid modality for skin rejuvenation. “There are better ways of delivery with longer-lasting outcomes.”

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Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a chemical utilized in filler products and moisturizers. There are presently several topical HAs available that promise to plump your skin even as retaining it smooth and supple, but Dr. Esho says they’re only a fad.

“People don’t understand that the molecular length needs to be less than 500 kDa; in any other case, it isn’t stepping into,” he explained. “If you look at a whole lot of those manufacturers in the marketplace, they’re now not that this means that they’re just moisturizers.”


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