Way back in 2016, earlier than the discharge in their 1/3 album Crack-Up, Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold changed into already teasing the fourth album from the band. In a summit on Instagram, he said that the album would be out “within 24 months of LP3 in line with the contract” and that he’ll be “operating on four as quickly as three is achieved.” It’s been approximately 12 months and a 1/2 now because LP3 has become released, so if his timeline remains correct, a brand new Fleet Foxes album may be out by way of June of this yr.

Now in a New Year’s treat to his Instagram fans, Pecknold has posted a few audio clips of the recent track, as Stereogum points out. “Forward! (Very very demos satisfied new year),” he wrote with the publish. Though his caption shows a few degrees of roughness, the clips themselves sound pretty absolutely-formed, with a lush, warm temperature familiar to each person who heard 2011’s Helplessness Blues.

The band’s modern-day providing, a box set in their first three albums, and assorted B-Sides and demos, turned into released in November via Sub Pop and Nonesuch. With it came the unmarried “Icicle Tusk,” which appeared on their 2006 self-titled EP and changed into revived for the boxset. Hear a few clips of recent tracks from the band underneath.

1) “White Winter Hymnal” from Fleet Foxes (2008)

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Imagine going for a sleigh ride on a sunny but cold winter day. You see the skeletons of trees asleep and hear the sleigh bells ringing because the cold air refreshes your lungs. That’s what White Winter Hymnal evokes for me. This tune is an unmarried verse repeated three times. Fleet Foxes introduces themselves to the music scene with this unmarried off in their first album that demonstrates their smooth harmonies mixed with minimalistic instrumentation. The band has covered greater ground than what’s shown in this music, but this track condenses them to their critical elements. You’ll pay attention to it as soon as and it may not go away.

2) “Your Protector” from Fleet Foxes (2008)

The eighth song off of their debut album became an anthem. With fewer (but pretty a few) vocal harmonies than White Winter Hymnal, Your Protector showcases the band’s capacity to use instrumentation effectively. The spotlight of this tune for me is the flute element that defines the complete tune’s personality. The tambourine-plus rhythm adds to the feeling that this music became written and completed around a campfire somewhere and sung to the moon.

3) “Blue Ridge Mountains” from Fleet Foxes (2008)

Again returned to the theme of cautious instrumentation and thick harmonies beneath considerable reverb, Blue Ridge Mountains demonstrates Fleet Foxes’ essence. The almost rhythmic piano element that seems like its miles being played in vintage-west saloon units the panorama alongside a simple acoustic guitar. The song seems like a hike via the woods in spring with tall evergreens all around you, and the sound of a melting circulate within the background.

4) “Helplessness Blues” from Helplessness Blues (2011)

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Another anthem from the band, Helplessness Blues, turned into the band’s second album’s identification. As the droning guitar units the panorama and takes care of the rhythm for the music’s primary half. Of all their songs, this one reminds me most of a standard Simon & Garfunkel tune. The 2d 1/2 of the music is added together with greater instrumentation, including a few percussion and an electric guitar. Throughout the track, the vocals twist inside and outside of harmony… Something we’ve come to expect and recognize from the band at this point.

5) “Montezuma” from Helplessness Blues (2011)

Montezuma reminds me a whole lot of White Winter Hymnal off of the band’s first album. However, this music sounds extra like the summer season in preference to winter. Instead of two intertwined vocal lines, we pay attention to a choir sound assisting the primary line in White Winter Hymnal. As regular, the easy people fashion guitar looks after all the instrumentation. This song is maximum analogous to lying in a grassy subject on a mid-summer day, looking the clouds glide through at the side of my wandering mind.

There are several similarities between indie bands no matter where they hail from; however, there does look like a stark distinction in how you photo the stereotypical indie bands from those nations.

American Intellect Feeding the Indie Landscape

The American indie bands are considered to be greater wise, nearly indicative of university rock, and knowledgeable wondering. This pattern in American indie has been present for a few decades, and a number of the reputedly extra shrewd bands which have motivated this opinion include:

o Pavement
o Weezer
o Band of Horses
o Smog
o Fleet Foxes

Does British Popular Music come from the Working Class?

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In the assessment, to British indie bands, plenty of the preliminary mind is given to bands that are greater synonymous with running instructions and having an extra right down-to-earth enchantment and nature. Some of the extra stereotypical British indie bands include:

o Happy Mondays
o The Stone Roses
o Ocean Colour Scene
o Kasabian
o The Enemy
o The Court enters

Of path, the United Kingdom can generate sensible and idea-upsetting bands, however for each Radiohead or Manic Street Preachers; there appears to be a Coldplay or Muse who would really like to assume they are shrewd, however, stumble upon as being highly naïve. If anything, those bands owe more to the prog song scene of the Seventies, wherein self-indulgent and having no idea of your personal ridiculousness became as vital because of the track on the show.


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