A string of burglaries at numerous excessive-give-up groups on Saturday morning — and at least one stuck on a digital camera. News4’s Lindsey Nance spoke with the business owners who name the damage-ins “bizarre.”

Around four:30 a.M. On Saturday morning, the suspect smashed through the glass door at Anastacia Skin Studio on 8th Avenue South and took all the electronics off the front counter, inclusive of an iPad and an iMac, but left the coins within the check-in.

“Luckily, it turned into at four inside the morning and no longer within the middle of the day whilst we had been all right here,” said Anastacia manager Kaylee Rote. “If a person walks in with an ax, I’m giving them something they want.” A man-bashing via the door with an ax, struggling to pull an iMac off the counter — you have to watch the video to believe it. The suspect even returns to thieve more electronics earlier than fleeing the scene.

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“I do not know if humans had been looking the gap or anything, and I sit right here all day, so it just feels creepy a little bit,” Rose said. The identical burglar might also have hit two other shops inside the vicinity on the same nighttime, consisting of Local Honey simply down the street and FACE splendor salon on twelfth Avenue South — that’s proper throughout from a neighborhood.

“This is residential. This area,” stated FACE owner Sheila Davis. “It became a pretty ambitious act.” Police are still searching out the suspect, or suspects, responsible for the brash smash-ins. “I’ve already located a name to a friend, who is also a salon owner here in this vicinity, just to position things away at night time,” Davis stated. Davis advised News4 she nevertheless feels safe inside the community but could be investing in some cameras for the front of her building at the side of a few higher lighting fixtures.

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Every business owner knows a little about Microsoft Excel. It’s the spreadsheet application that the maximum of them use to preserve the song of the numbers their enterprise generates. But that is some distance from all it may be, particularly if you’re in the splendor enterprise. Here are nine matters that a salon can do with Excel; some are not unusual to any enterprise. However, some are unique and practice immediately to the beauty commercial enterprise in some interesting ways.


The most common use of Excel global. Record expenses and income, discover what you do. This generates the maximum of your sales and what you pay for that costs the most. Using Excel to tune financials is the start of an effort to enhance those numbers and grow your backside line.


Beauty salons go through lots of specific products and tools at differing fees. Tracking your inventory thru Excel now not handiest lets you peer while something desires to be ordered. However, you can assign destiny orders and hence let you budget for larger orders in advance of time.

Tracking Trends

When it comes to retaining music of developments, Excel is restrained best by way of your creativeness and how lengthy you are willing to spend putting facts in. At the minimum, you can put in your clients and profits over a year and get a fashionable overview — but you can get plenty deeper and put in information like a particular day’s climate patterns, whether or not or now not a relevant event was going on on the town, and who changed into operating that day. The effects can let you know pretty a piece approximately a way to assume commercial enterprise accurately.


Image result for beauty shop doorsIt won’t use the superior mathematical capability of Excel. Still, the fundamental capacity to control colored cells representing 15-minute blocks of time makes Excel a clean and powerful manner to ensure that you have all the employees you need during every segment of your day.

Client Records

Keeping information of your patron’s processes permits you to, without difficulty, name up a given clients’ favorites once they stroll thru the door – and doing it in Excel method, you could also type through purchaser, manner, or product on the way to see what is the most famous business-huge.

Task Lists

Every enterprise has things that ought to get executed in a specific order earlier than they could open for commercial enterprise and before they can go home at night time. Creating an easy Excel spreadsheet that lists one’s tasks may create a printable chart that can be checked or crossed off at every open and close to make certain that everything gets done flawlessly whenever.


Excel can easily preserve song now not handiest of how good deal hourly pay your workers are incomes, but the hints which each employee can generate. If you have a policy that entails tip-sharing or simply need to recognize who the customers respect the maximum, having those facts at your fingertips is extraordinarily beneficial.

Appointment Tracking

Akin to the usage of Excel for scheduling, its usage to hold tune of upcoming appointments and (possibly greater importantly) the duration of these appointments as they happen can give you a leg up on your competition. By seeing now not handiest when a consumer came in, but how long they spent there for a selected method, you could better estimate within the future how a lot enterprise you can take care of — and who may want to work a touch more quickly.


It takes a while to set up but making an Excel file with all of your merchandise and the elements in them can let you provide a unique and brilliant provider for your customers: suggesting products that can accommodate precise wishes. For instance, when you have a patron that’s allergic to oranges, you can Sort By orange oil to provide your client with a direct listing of products to your save that he has to avoid. That’s the sort of component that makes a strong enough impact that your consumer will tell his buddies.

Excel is an awesome device for the fundamentals like tracking financials and forecasting business traits — but if this is all you’re the use of it for, you’re losing out. With a little creativity and a little bit of looking beneath the hood, Excel can advantage your commercial enterprise in startling and terrific methods.


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