Lasik eye surgical procedure is a procedure performed for correcting refractive mistakes that are generally associated with problems within the shape of the cornea. This surgery includes removal of the corneal tissues for reshaping the cornea and / or higher eye focusing energy. It is powerful for treating refractive eye troubles, like, nearsightedness (myopia), a long way sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. After surgical procedure, a patient can recover absolutely from experiencing blurred vision and may not require to use glasses or contact lenses.

Apart from the blessings, there are certain surgical treatment dangers as properly. One of the maximum typically observed headaches is dry eyes. The severity of dry eye syndrome can be better in sufferers who have had the dry eye circumstance prior to the surgical treatment. In order to limit danger elements of Lasik eye surgery, one have to consult and are seeking for advice from an experienced ophthalmologist or eye physician regarding the pros and cons of surgical operation.

Surgery Risks: Dry Eyes

As a part of the Lasik eye surgical procedure for vision correction, a flap of corneal tissue is first lifted through the usage of a microkeratome (unique knife). Then, laser power is applied to the underlying corneal tissues for rectifying the form of cornea. After correction of the corneal shape, the corneal flap is restored and secured in its original position. During the manner of lifting and restoring the corneal flap, harm of pleasant corneal nerves may additionally arise, which in turn disturbs the normal signaling for secretion of tears.

The interruption of corneal nerve impulses ensuing after Lasik eye surgical procedure ends in much less production of tears, main to transient dry eyes. Speaking about dry eyes, it’s miles a situation wherein the eyes do not secrete sufficient amount of tears for presenting natural lubrication. The sizeable symptoms of dry eyes are burning sensation, tingling, infection, scratchiness, expanded sensitivity to smoke and extra mucous secretion in and around the eyes. At instances, dry eyes can also cause extra wear manufacturing due to elevated inflammation within the eyes.

It is everyday to enjoy temporary dry eyes after Lasik surgery. In reality, majority of the sufferers manifest dry eye symptoms after the surgical treatment. Nevertheless, the motive for situation is the severity of the condition and the period of the symptom. In trendy, dry eyes condition is resolved within six months after the surgical procedure. During the six months recuperation duration, the eye care expert generally prescribes utilization of suitable eye drops and proper eye care in an effort to manage the signs and symptoms correctly.

Unfortunately, however, for a few Lasik eye surgical treatment patients, dry eyes may additionally emerge as a protracted- time period eye problem. For such patients, the attention care expert can also consider precise treatment for dry eyes relying upon the underlying motive. One such treatment alternative is introducing silicone plugs in the tear ducts, which allows in lowering draining of tears from the eyes. In order to assume an asymptomatic submit Lasik surgery, it is sensible to correct dry eyes prior to undertaking the surgery.

The patient should reveal any previous dry eye troubles to the ophthalmologist for correct fixation, previous to the surgery. Overall, the possibility of dry eyes after Lasik can be minimized by means of proper candidate choice and remedy of underlying eye issues earlier than the surgical procedure is performed.

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