Now that summer season is right here, be aware that excessive heat situations coupled with UV rays of the sun can cause eye-stress. Unknown to many, eye problems have a tendency to jump at some stage in the recent season and also you need to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet (UV) rays simply as a great deal you protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV exposure. That’s due to the fact your eyes, like your skin, can get sunburned too!Image result for Eye care in summer: Can your eyes get sunburned?

Protecting your eyes in summer time may be very crucial explains Dr Sridhar Prasad and Alcon India. Along with the threat of photokeratitis, there may be also long-term risk with UV light being linked to cataract improvement.

Risk of Photokeratitis – Photokeratitis is a painful circumstance affecting the thin layer over the cornea and the cell layer that covers inside the eyelids and the whites of the eye. Also referred to as ‘sunburn of the eyes,’ it is caused by publicity to UV rays of the sun. UV rays are a form of invisible radiation emitted by using the sun that may modify a cellular’s DNA. An eye-care expert can diagnose photokeratitis or corneal flash burns by using analyzing your eyes[2].

Symptoms of Photokeratitis– Symptoms include burning sensation, purple eyes, swollen eyes or lids, watery eyes, sensitivity to mild, headaches, eyelid twitching, transient colour alternate, and/or glare and halos around lighting. The signs and symptoms have to resolve on their own inside 24-forty eight hours. If the signs persist, notify a health practitioner. They ought to use eye drops with fluorescent dye to look at the volume of UV harm.Image result for Eye care in summer: Can your eyes get sunburned?

Tips to guard eyes from sunburn: While there are some gear for preventing UV publicity to the eyes, sun shades and contact lenses are the best. Polarized or ninety nine-one hundred% UV shielding sun shades and call lenses with integrated UV protection help protect the eyes from dangerous rays produced by way of the sun. You may additionally need to be aware that not all sun shades are polarized or UV shielding. So please test the label or test with the retailer. In truth, medical doctors say that the bigger the shades, the more safety they’ll provide. For this reason, make sure your glasses cover the complete skin round the attention so you are covered towards early getting old and probable even cancer. And Children additionally need to be blanketed from dangerous UV Radiation as lots as adults if not more.

In the longer term, prevention is safety. Preventing UV radiation from penetrating your eyes may want to reduce the threat for UV related problems in addition to eye-fatigue and eye-pressure and sluggish cataract development[3]. There’s no compromising on eye-health.