From family get-together to weddings of friends, the summertime often brings a list of events to attend. Many times, finding the right outfit for these occasions can be a struggle. Should you go casual? Maybe you should wear something more formal? What is going to be the perfect outfit for that awkward high school reunion? No matter what event you are attending, it is important to look your best and own the occasion.Image result for How to Own the Occasion with Perfect Outfits

As cliché as it sounds, when you look your best, you feel your best. With the right outfit, you can feel more confident and leave a lasting impression anytime, anywhere!

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If you’re looking to feel your most confident in yourself, here are a few tips to help you own the occasion.

1. Wedding – Own the Occasion with Perfect Outfits

When it comes to dressing for a wedding, there are two different factors to keep in mind: theme and season. The invitation should give you an idea of what attire would be appropriate for the wedding’s theme. Whether it’s casual or black-tie formal, it is always safer to be more dressed up than not.

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For a gentleman, this would be the perfect opportunity to look into a tuxedo or suit rental or consider investing in one if it feels more practical. Ladies, think about wearing a dress that has a flattering color and shape and is also unique to your individual style. (Read: 5 Latest Indian Wedding Jewelry Trends for Indian Brides)

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It is always important to take into consideration the season of the wedding you’re attending. You might be thinking, “what do I wear to a seasonal wedding? For warmer seasons like spring or summer, consider attire that is lighter in fabrics and brighter in color.

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During cold seasons like fall and winter, think of attire that has a much deeper color and the ability to be paired with comfortable layers. Always be prepared for the unforeseen weather, like rain or snow, and make sure you wear shoes that are comfortable for dancing the night away.

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Attending a wedding is about making sure that you look your best, but aren’t distracting from the wedding party. Modesty is key to any wedding guest attire. Make your outfit demonstrate your unique style through the accessories you choose to pair with it! Bow ties and pocket squares are a great option for men, and handbags and jewelry give any women’s outfit a signature touch. (Read: Trendilicious Indian Ethnic Wear for Men to Adore Yourself)

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Let your confidence translate into the interactions you have with the wedding party, as well as other guests at the event. Break out of your shell and meet someone new, or spend the night dancing the reception away with friends and family. As you own the occasion, celebrate the next chapter of the couple’s lives with just as much excitement and happiness as they are experiencing.

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2. Family or Friends Reunion

If you’ve officially received that invitation to a family reunion, or see that your high school reunion is approaching, you might start to think about what type of impression you are looking you are looking to give old friends and family. No matter if you have seen those in attendance recently or years ago, you want to make sure you give an impression that demonstrates your confidence and personal style. (Read: Matching Set Fashion Trends for Women – Co-Ord & Coordinates)

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If you are attending a family get-together, think about dressing in attire that is more casual, but put-together. This is the perfect opportunity to try a patterned shirt that you think matches your personality or a dress that has a print you normally wouldn’t wear. Be bold with your choice, but make sure that it’s tasteful.

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If your family get-together is a picnic, think about wearing attire that is fun and energetic, while still being practical. Although you may not have it all figured out in your personal life, that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to reflect that. Take the time to add smaller accessories, like a watch or pair of diamond earrings, to make a statement that you care about your personal appearance. (Read: Classy Metallic Fashion Accessories | Summer Fashion Trends)

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High school and college reunions can be nerve-wracking. You want to make sure that your clothes demonstrate how far you have come since seeing your friends.

From cocktail hours to catered dinners, think about attire that is professional, but fun. For example, think about wearing a suit or blazer with a shirt that is a bright color, or a tie with a fun, yet tasteful pattern. You don’t want to look like you are heading into the office, but rather appear as a fun, put-together individual.

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One fun way to approach these old get-togethers is to a take a piece of clothing that you used to wear and give it a new twist. Although you may not have any of your clothes from, “back in the day,” think about wearing attire that is similar to a more professional twist. (Read: 10 Refreshing Fashion Jewelry For Women You Need In 2018)

Reunions and get-togethers are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how far you have come and your plans for the future. Let your attire portray what your goals are, as well as what you have accomplished thus far. Your wardrobe is a reflection of your attitude, and exuding confidence will help you communicate who you’ve become, what you have done, and ultimately help you to own the occasion. Forget the small talk and feel free to boast about your successes.

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3. Work Parties and Charity Events

From the annual work Christmas party to a charity event, you are going to experience moments when your attire relies on a certain degree of elegance. Since you will likely be attending these events with coworkers, you want to make sure that you look your best and meet certain expectations as a stylish professional. Rather than showing up in the same outfit you have worn to the office, or putting on a tie to attend a charity event, think about how you want to be viewed by your coworkers.

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There are going to be coworker birthdays, holiday parties, and get-togethers that are unavoidable at work. If you work in a profession that requires your dress code to be business casual, it’s time to step up your look a little bit further with more time and effort. For men, instead of wearing the same tie and button-down that you typically do; just think about wearing a new suit coat or a shirt of a different color!

For ladies, this is the perfect opportunity to try a new hairstyle, just find a dress that works appropriate and give your look a twist with the use of accessories. Small, but noticeable details will show your coworkers that you are interested in events outside of work. (Read: 10 Fashionable Indian Sarees for Enthralling Office Look)

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This is also an opportunity to show that you care about your appearance, not just in the office or workplace, and are prepared to own the occasion. These opportunities are the perfect chance to confidently try out that new look you have been thinking about. Think about attire that you would typically wear to work with a little bit more of an elegant and refined look. Don’t feel like you have to stray too far from your regular appearance, but don’t be afraid to shake it up, either.

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Charity events typically have a dress code that is formal. If you’re attending an event for a favorable cause, choose an outfit that shows you are genuinely interested in being there. The way you dress and the way you look communicates how you feel about the event you are attending.

For men, wear a suit or, if the occasion calls for it, a tuxedo. Break out a subtle black dress with small accessories for women. As you mingle with other individuals there, you will be able to connect with personal interests, as well as why you are specifically there. Own the occasion, as you support a charitable cause. (Read: 5 Corporate Dressing for Men | Men’s Formal Fashion)

Your personal appearance speaks to how you view yourself, as well as your goals and ambitions. Take pride in the way you dress, and find ways to make your look unique and make your own signature. No matter what you do, you want to make sure that the attire you wear is comfortable and relevant to who you are. When you look good, you feel good.


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