The Village of Oak Park has revoked the commercial enterprise license of Sunny Spa, a rub-down business at 1053 Madison St., after the business was busted for committing intercourse acts on an undercover police officer in November. The village issued a press launch on Dec. 19, noting that the commercial enterprise changed into closed permanently in a selection by Deputy Village Manager Lisa Shelley, following a choice in an administrative hearing on Dec. 17.

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According to the executive order released by using Shelley, Sunny Spa was running beneath Chen’s Massage Corp., owned through Xiuping Chen. Oak Park police and the Cook County Sheriff’s Department investigated the enterprise and, according to the administrative order, the officer arrested Sunny Spa worker Hang Wa Wong on Nov. 14 and charged her with prostitution after “she touched an intercourse organ of the undercover officer in change for his charge for the rubdown.

Wong also was charged with conducting a massage without a license.

The order also notes that Chen violated the village’s massage enterprise ordinance via failing to “offer to the village or maintain an on-website online list of licensed rub down therapists” who paintings on the commercial enterprise. Sunny Spa violated the ordinance with the aid of failing to post a modern replica of the commercial enterprise’s anti-sexual harassment policy in a conspicuous area and failing to maintain clear glass at the established order’s storefront.

Chen said on the administrative hearing that she had to tell employees “now not to commit prostitution” and become now not often present at the business. The village and administrative choose decided that the business is a nuisance in that it “endangers the safety or health of the general public” and “offends public decency.”

The bust comes almost 12 months after the Oak Park Board of Trustees permitted a strict ordinance regulating rub-down agencies inside the village. That ordinance changed into acceptance in response to any other police sting in 2017, where three agencies had been closed for performing sexual acts and working without a license.

The village also revoked the commercial enterprise licenses of those 3 massage parlors in 2017. King Spa, formerly placed at 6441 W. North Ave., was close down after owner Tina King was charged with prostitution. Angel Spa, previously at 1102 Chicago Ave., become also closed for prostitution, and Angel Spa, previously at 6340 Roosevelt Road, became closed for operating without a license.

If you have fitness conditions consisting of high blood stress, cancer, diabetes, or anxiety, you can gain from rub down. Massage gives a massive variety of blessings. It boosts your blood flow, pores, and skin fitness, and the operation of your digestive and urinary systems. Aside from this, it improves sleep and increases the immunity of an infant. As a count of truth, ordinary classes of massage make certain your bodily and intellectual health. Read directly to realize more.

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Health Benefits Of Massage

The benefits of rub down can change your lifestyle. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your existence greater. Given under are a number of the outstanding health blessings of it:


There is no need to explain that anxiety and different psychological troubles are raging in recent times. If you want to reduce your anxiety, getting a rub down is a superb concept. Kids and adults can lessen their stress as nicely.

Infant Growth

Doctors from all over the world advise that toddlers should also get the message. The reason is that it allows the infants to benefit from the weight, specifically the untimely babies. Aside from this, it strengthens the muscle tissues of newborn toddlers.


Apart from tension, it enables you to manage your blood sugar stage. That’s why specialists propose massage sessions to prevent diabetes in youngsters.

Immune gadget

The immune system of your frame is strong sufficient to fight infections and viruses. And to make your immunity more potent, you must get a rundown on an ordinary basis. As a count of truth, it’ll construct your protecting cells for neutralizing viruses that could purpose cancer. Moreover, a sturdy immune gadget plays an essential position in preserving you in excellent shape.


Massage sessions can reduce the ache and anxiety in most cancer patients. The fact of the problem is that it’s miles a gift for cancer patients.

Proper Sleep

If you cannot sleep, you could get a rubdown for a few relief and relaxation. As a result, you may get higher sleep at night time, especially if you have a sleep problem. At the give-up of a hectic day, you could get yourself massaged to dispose of the exhaustion and to recharge your batteries.

Cardiac situations

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If you have a malfunctioning cardiac machine, you can get a message to return your heart to its top-quality operational degree.


After a surgical operation, the message can help sufferers reduce their emotions of ache. Aside from this, it could increase relief from lower back pain and migraine pain. One weekly consultation is enough to make a tremendous discount on your ache and struggling.

Blood circulates

Massage improves the blood move in your frame. Your coronary heart receives sufficient oxygen, and you’re less probably to have a coronary heart attack. Do you have neck ache or lower back pain? If so, you may be searching for a great expert. Well, you may absolutely see a medical doctor; however, before you do that, we advise that you provide go-to massage therapy. These healing procedures have been acknowledged to work for many human beings, and they’ll be just right for you too.


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