Planet Fitness changed Wide News into founded within the 12 months 1992, utilizing Michael Grondahl. He took over a previously established health club that becomes financially struggling. He reduced the charges to compete with the other well-known health club manufacturers. This low price enterprise version is focused on first-time users instead of greater experienced members. Planet Fitness commenced franchising in 2003 and now has a series of over 300 pieces of golf equipment for health training in 31 states, with a club base that’s nearing 2 million.

Membership Details

Planet Fitness has a fundamental membership plan that is below USD 10 for a month.
The USD 10 membership is simple; however, if you need a few extra facilities, you could choose the USD 19.95 monthly membership.

In this plan, one can use the tanning beds and rub down chairs. After signing up for their club, you get a styling T-shirt and a pink pen free of charge. The sign-up fee is USD forty-nine. The club also serves pizzas and bagels once a month. They will introduce an annual health club membership rate for USD 39 for you to begin around June 2011.

Positive Reviews

Planet Fitness would not ask you to sign up for an annual club. If you don’t just like the furnished centers, you may end it from the next month. This gymnasium has all the important fitness systems for a workout that one needs. Numerous aerobic machines like treadmills and elliptical trainers are also used. They have dumbbells and machines for weight training.

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Likewise, it is called a ‘no frills gymnasium,’ which means that it’s miles ideal for people who aren’t searching out extra facilities like a pool, racquetball club, or other fitness training.
It is aimed at new contributors and is well-known for its ‘no judgment quarter. All the system is catered to the first time users to perform the health club workouts. Hence, no bodybuilders or muscled humans could be mocking at the dearth of the new customers’ gym prowess.

They additionally have masses of TVs, and you could continue walking and walking on the treadmill while looking at their favored TV indicates. The membership has a juice bar wherein smoothies, and different bottled liquids are bought. In a small location, clothes and other merchandise like belts and gloves are bought.

Negative Reviews

There become an issue because of a New York Times news stating the public cancellation of a customer’s membership at Wappingers Falls. However, this resulted within the membership calling the police for investigation and for questioning this member. A lawsuit for defamation on the part of the ex-member became stuffed, and this became finally settled for an undisclosed quantity. Planet Fitness does not offer any non-public education. However, there are three unfastened training that a member can attend. The classes are approximately how to use the machines and to do physical games.

The customer service evaluations by way of many customers aren’t positive. If you’re searching for an elaborate place with a first-rate carrier and gives excellent personal training, this fitness center is not for you. However, if you seek out a manner to lose weight fast or be healthy, then Planet Fitness has all the gadgets and centers at an unbelievably low monthly membership.


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