Founded in 2007, the Hyderabad Runners organization currently has over 6,000 contributors. The Hyderabad Runners Society, in association with Hitex (Hyderabad Kids Fair), has recently organized the Hyderabad Kids Run 2018. More than 2,000 children participated in the 3rd edition of Hyderabad Kids Run, giving a hint of a healthy lifestyle for youngsters and parents.

In this version, the Run for children become organized in three classes: four km, 2 km, and 1 km to sell a lively lifestyle and circle of relatives bonding in a fun and attractive manner for the children.


Image result for healthy life-style1 km – ‘Monfant’ for moms, who carried their infants underneath 24 months in sling luggage for a distance of one km.

2 km – ‘Chill-Run’, for children from 4 to 8 years wherein dad and mom can push their youngsters in prams or walk with them.

4 km – ‘Fantastic Run’ for kids among eight and 12 years to run four km. The event became flagged off by way of SM Vijay Kumar, IPS, DCP Traffic, Cyberabad. Cultural programmes have been additionally carried out via college students from numerous corporations.

Talking about the third version of Hyderabad Kids Run 2018, Abhishek Kumar, race director, said: “We hope this event will help kids inculcate an active way of life from a completely young age and additionally a risk for the parents to take part alongside kids.”

The undertaking of Hyderabad Runners Society is to promote active life amongst the general public and make strolling because of the favored form of health. Good fitness is the presence of God. In this busy life, it is very tough to hold an amazing and healthful lifestyle. Which is the middle of accomplishing good health? There are a few things that may make your lifestyle a healthier lifestyle, therefore helping you to get terrific health. These consist of:

Diet / Nutrition

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The first actual and the maximum important thing in retaining great fitness is your eating regimen. In well-known, dieting is considered as the eating of a few exact meals. If you are not keeping your eating regimen irrespective of what workout you do or what sport you play, you can not have precise fitness. Diet not best consists of wholesome ingesting, however, retaining it ordinary and having your food at a particular time is an essential a part of a weight-reduction plan and precise nutrition.

Good nutrients consist of intake of sufficient calories required with the aid of the body. This can be done by using preserving a mild quantity of essentials like proteins, carbohydrates, fat and liquid calories as well. Water performs a totally vital position in maintaining your shape (a form of your frame). Besides that, water enables in cleaning your skin as nicely. Depending at the climate a regular human frame calls for at the least 8 glasses of water. This required quantity increases within the area in which it’s miles hotter.


Along with vitamins, sleep is likewise very critical to have awesome fitness. Good sleep can benefit your thoughts, coronary heart, weight etc. It is the part of a good and healthier lifestyle which many of us forget about. If you aren’t having an amazing sleep you may face many troubles just like the disturbance in temper, having a darkish circle round your eyes (below-eye circles). It is highly endorsed to have 6-8 hours’ sleep at some point of 24 hours of the day.

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A desirable sleep may be useful in:
  • Maintaining properly weight.
  • Having sharp interest.
  • Improving your memory.
  • Low stress
  • Exercise

Exercise is likewise a crucial a part of your wholesome lifestyle. Exercise enables you lots in keeping your weight, retaining your frame in form. Exercise consists of playing any sport which incorporates physical pastime. The quality of exercising anyone can do is the morning walk or walking / walking in the morning. Going to the gymnasium for muscle constructing can help you get six % abs. A regular workout can help you beef up your frame to fight in opposition to one of a kind illnesses.

Nutrition is essentially the technological know-how of food and the number of nutrients and energy every of the food object incorporates. It is regardless to say what importance meals has within the lifestyles of a character. It is wanted for the very survival of not only humans but every living organism on the face of the earth.

Nutrients are the materials needed for the right functioning of the body. These nutrients encompass proteins, vitamins, and minerals, fat, carbohydrate, roughage, and water. And it’s far required with the aid of every person to have food which includes all of them inside the proper quantity.

Most of the instances we have a tendency to disregard or as alternative refuse to eat the greens and indulge more in fat-associated products, in the main because of the flavor. But we must understand that vegetables and fruits are as a great deal a critical a part of the diet as chicken and cheese. But why have to we let taste come in the way of our health. Here are some of the dishes which are a terrific aggregate of exact taste and wholesome consuming.


As the name shows, it’s far an easy-to-make dish. It is a noodle dish packed with the goodness of veggies, adding to the proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The taste makes it a tempting preparation and what is greater, it looks so colorful. This dish is a healthy pass-to dish and is ideal for lunch and dinner.


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