A relatively small portion of the population is affected by really bad eyesight. We’re talking heavy prescriptions like eight or nine Diopters (those measurements the eye doctor give you). For most people who have light or moderate prescriptions, there are few constraints on what type of frames and lenses they should get with their glasses, but that is not true for those people with strong prescriptions. Those of us that have strong prescriptions often have to have glasses with an exact fit and center just so that we don’t get the bug eye magnification effect or the cutoff “minification” effect. For those of you that don’t know what that is, here are some images to show you.

High minus power for short-sight above (with anti-reflection coating).

High plus power below (magnification).

Choose The Right Index And Aspheric Curvature

One of the most common materials for lenses nowadays is plastic. Long gone are the old glass lenses that were unfathomably thick and heavy even for the lightest of prescriptions. Now that thickness issue only really affects very high prescription lenses–until now, that is. Our manufacturing ability has come a long way in regards to glasses and you can now choose to have ​high-index lenses with your glasses. This lens variant is more efficient at bending light than traditional plastic lenses and this means that less material can be used. This makes the lenses lighter and thinner.

Use An Aspheric Lens Type

Lens making technology has become more and more capable over the years. As opposed to the traditional spheric lenses of the past, that have a single sphere-based curve, we can now manufacture lenses with a curve that changes in slope at different areas within the lens. This feat of engineering also makes lenses thinner lighter and flatter.

r and flatter.

Use The Right Frames For your Face Shape

The shape of your face does somewhat dictate what kind frames you should use. Thinner and lighter lenses are also more attractive but the whole package has to come together or else there’s no point in it. Check out this ​handy guide to face shapes so that you can pick the right frames for you.