While on a two-week destroy from London To Lagos, Stephanie IJ (@metrogypsie), a fashion and lifestyle blogger, spent some of her time exploring Lagos, sampling the food going on a Lagos street style shoot with photographer Femi Alameda.

Lekki Ikoyi link bridge

The popular “Eko motel roundabout” is famous for its busy roads and yellow Keke napep tricycles. Stephanie takes advantage of this by taking cool images of herself in a @thenalegirl co-ord outfit amidst the chaotic scene, which virtually completes the Lagos aesthetic.

The Backyard

The Backyard Bar and Grill is the best one of the hot brunch spots on the Island and well-known for its aesthetic backgrounds. Stephanie wears a @wildkulture colorful co-ord to this spot.

Nike Arts Gallery

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f path, Nike Arts Gallery is the one prevent that any lifestyle fanatic doing an excursion of Lagos has to go to. Here, Stephanie took the bull by using its horns in a blazer from @dauraadee and a maxi-skirt folded into midi from @ziistudios.

Lekki arts and crafts market

The unusual artifacts and trinkets sold in Lekki Arts and Crafts Market make one of the few traveler markets in Nigeria. Stephanie wears a sophisticated @ujuestelo white Fringe dress from The Fearless Collection even as taking images with the beautiful crafts inside the marketplace

The answer to the query ‘how the journey is reshaping the style industry’ is simple!

When an Asian vacationer of an excessive socioeconomic reputation goes to the United States and shops style add-ons; they bring about the global marketplace with them. When they capture the attention of the top style brands, they cater their needs via those manufacturers. Having seen the impact of the boom in tourism, these identical brands have started out creating precise advertising and marketing campaigns that provide their international customers. They would offer people with unique deals, personal shoppers or even a language translator to help the marketplace grow of their united states. So in this article, we’re going to talk approximately this subject matter in detail!

Travel Industry and Social Media are Changing the Fashion Industry:

Nowadays, being capable of reach your audience thru the internet is more essential than something else! If a brand fails to do this, see a primary decline in sales. It can be thru social media and virtual advertising or e-trade, however, the new revolution of the fashion enterprise is how internet-well-known your logo is. Models, make-up artists, manufacturers, and stylists are employed greater for his or her have an effect on within the social media than their abilities. The extra followers on Instagram or Twitter, the extra your brand would sell. That is the brand new system this is reshaping the style enterprise.

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Brands that also stick with the conventional advertising fashion have been dropping their relevance within the enterprise and their income. Three out of 4 shoppers are willing to buy an emblem’s products after seeing it or hearing approximately it, online. Social media is reworking the fashion industry because now people need to experience firsthand what they purchase through Snapchats or Tweets online. If clients do not discover their desired brand online, they pass directly to the following large emblem that isonliand servesvese their wishes.

Today, someone’s social status is determined by means of their extravagant travels and experiences in place of the Jimmy Choos they wear or the bag they bring. It is all approximately opulent adventures in overseas countries and not how plenty you spend for your watches or garments. There has been a destroy inside the fashion industry that has delivered approximately a shift inside the way they do things now. Designers and types worldwide are trying to alter themselves to be able to fit inside the new demographic developments. That is how travel is converting the style industry. The Chinese travelers did about a $229 billion buying of steeply-priced gadgets inside the 12 months of 2015. But, with the new wave of choice of locations over lavish goods, brands have commenced adapting the equal fashion. They are now trying to reach exclusive regions of the sector by advertising their campaigns in a manner they get the ‘enjoy’ people desire. These are simply some of the methods high-stop tour is reshaping the style industry!

New Hotel Brands Are Reshaping the Travel Industry:

Nowadays, with the arrival of tourists in each industry, it has become a new fashion for huge lodge corporations to roll out new sorts inside the inn commercial enterprise. They are rebranding present resorts with new portfolios. It has turned out to be a brand new commercial enterprise approach where they offer you charming designs, intricate detail to the menus, placing works of art and emphasize at the local cultures. These new motel manufacturers provide a brand new way to experience your resort live. They all promise area of expertise while remaining consistent with their first-rate and service. Below is a list of such accommodations which have tried to convey an aggregate of reliable high-quality and specific experiences, together.

AC Hotels by means of Marriott:

They are a collection of inns focused on design and such lodges offer their guests with lively atmospheric lounges. They placed in France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, and very current in New Orleans. It is specifically for tourists who want to stay at Cosmopolitan hotels in cities.

Canopy via Hilton:

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They have blended the charms of newly built and renovated homes. Their designs are regionally prompted and keep classy importance. They have also signed as much as inPearl Districneighborhoodsodst in Oregon, Portland, Ithaca Commons in Upstate New York and downtown Nashville. It is essentially for tourists who want to have a laid-again time, attempting out beer and relaxing activities.

Cordis Hotels and Resorts:

They are a group of upscale motels with super architecture and designs with wthe Langhamgham Hospitality Grouaidaidp. They will, recently, have their opening this summer in The Langham Place Mongkok, Hong Kong. They also are planning to open in China, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Bali, Sri Lanka, Los Angles, London, and Orlando. It is supposed for travelers who’re away on business however need their bit of luxurious, too!


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