Accompanied with the sadness and grief of the deceased, the emotional and financial stress of planning a funeral takes a toll on you and your family, and this is the most unfortunate moment as it brings a lot of emotions and sentiments. You want to bury your loved ones respectfully and beautifully. So therefore, funeral planning is very important and you must consider funeral costs while arranging a funeral, especially the caskets and other funeral costs.

Below given are some ways to get a cheap casket:

1) Shop around and research: Always shop and research around to get the best price before considering the purchase. Contact local funeral agencies and ask for their casket price, or you can also visit such agencies to check out different caskets.

Checking online is also a good option when looking for caskets as you can easily find many potential sellers and funeral agencies providing online services. Also, you can differentiate and compare the prices when searching online.

2) Build a casket yourself: Since buying from outside agencies might become an expensive option, you can also build a casket all by yourself from scratch. This is the most pocket-friendly way to obtain a casket.

You can also consider hiring a local artisan to do the work for you. All you need to do is provide the craftsman with the materials required for producing it.

3) Get a casket kit: Another option is to purchase a casket kit online, get it delivered, and assemble it yourself. The kit usually arrives with all necessary components like cotton rope, cotton muslin, blue stained pine, wood glue, wood screws, assembling instructions, a piece of sandpaper for light finishing touches.

And within a matter of 2-3 hours, you can prepare a casket beautifully all by yourself. Also, making a casket for your loved ones has all sentiments, emotional value, and love attached to it.

4) Consider purchasing a cheap casket online: You can also consider purchasing a cheap casket online from various sites like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, etc. These sites ensure quality and offer you varieties to choose from. But be extra aware while purchasing online because many online caskets look like those in funeral homes and turn out to be made from inferior materials.

Therefore you can buy a casket online and that too at a reasonable amount, but all required is certain awareness to check upon quality and material.

5) Enquire the funeral homes about scratch and dent caskets: Another way to get cheap caskets is to ask the funeral homes to give you any low-end models, scratch & dent caskets, discontinued styles, or old display models they will sell you at a discount. And if they own one they will definitely provide you with a good price.

Therefore always try to arrange a cheap casket from a funeral home itself. It will undoubtedly be a bit old-fashioned, but it will save you a huge amount of money.


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