Modern technology’s marvels are constantly making significant impacts on how medical care providers can provide relief and effective solutions for their patients. Great care providers remain committed to learning and adapting as this new technology becomes available.

Arch Fitters is a newer technology utilized by orthotic care providers to create custom orthotic solutions for patients who need them the most. This process revolutionized the way feet can be scanned, and custom devices can be built for patients who want to stay steady and comfortable on their feet.

Orthotic Technology

Creating Accurate Scans of the Foot

The previous methodology of scanning and mapping a foot involved practices like plaster or foam impression. These methods still work, and some orthotists continue to use them when they feel it’s the best solution for a patient. Prosthetists committed to advancements in care have switched to more convenient, accurate, and timely digital scanning procedures to create three-dimensional maps of the foot.

A digital device is used to scan the foot, mapping it in three dimensions and precisely measuring the foot’s arch depth. These devices are highly accurate and simple to use. They don’t take as much time as impressions or molds, and they don’t compromise on the result’s quality. The ArchFitter device utilizes the latest technology to record the digital scan information and provide orthotists with a functional map to create a specific treatment plan for each patient.

Building Custom Orthotics to Suit Each Patient

Once the digital scan collects and organizes the data, the process of creating a custom orthotic insole can begin. The device works with special software to generate an inverse cast of the foot, creating the ultimate shape for the advanced orthotic device. Since the measurements are highly accurate, the final piece should perfectly support the patient as though it were a natural appendage. A lab will utilize the inverse casts and measurement data to create a custom orthotic device to the exact specifications generated by the ArchFitters scan. These devices are fabricated out of a durable material that provides comfort and support for hours of wear.

If you have a condition like high arches, plantar fasciitis, or flat feet, your new orthotic device will properly balance your foot. When your foot is properly supported, you may notice less pain from your heels, ankles, hips, and back. Your feet provide the foundation for your entire skeleton. When they’re properly supported, your body works as it should.

Custom Orthotics Promise Better Results

Even though perfect custom orthotics are easier to create than ever before, some hesitate to see an orthopedist and start the process. They’ll run to the nearest drug store and pick up a package of shoe inserts and hope that all of their problems will be solved. These prefabricated shoe inserts aren’t capable of supporting someone with chronic foot pain-needs. They’re a one-size-fits-all solution made by a company that has never seen your feet or diagnosed you. They cannot possibly know where you need support and how to provide that support.

An ill-fitting shoe insert won’t do anything. Technically, you may wind up worse over time. The longer you go without proper foot support, the more likely the issues will worsen. Prompt and accurate treatment can preserve the health of your feet. You wouldn’t wear shoes that were the wrong size, and you shouldn’t wear inserts that aren’t fitted. A great orthotic device can change your life. You’ll find that standing or moving for prolonged periods of time becomes substantially easier, opening the door to more opportunities for exercise and physical activity. Because your feet are properly aligned with the rest of your body, you’ll find that many of the aches and pains you experience in other parts of your body will begin to subside.

Maintaining and Replacing Custom Orthotics

It’s not unusual for everyday orthotic devices to last up to five years. Some patients might require new orthotics more frequently. The body is constantly adapting or changing. If you lose or gain about 20 pounds, it’s going to change the way your body works. It redistributes the burden on your feet, and you may need new orthotic devices to compensate for that change. Athletic orthotics will have a slightly shorter lifespan. If you’re running or lifting heavy weights regularly, plan to replace your orthotic devices every two years.

When it’s time to replace or change your device, the same digital scan won’t be used twice. A new scan will be taken to reflect the changes in the structure of the foot over time, providing you with optimal support.

Finding the Right Solution

Orthotics providers dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality of care will offer these digital scanning tools and high-tech orthotic devices to their patients. Tony Martin Limb & Brace is one of the premier providers of Tucson orthotics. They have decades of experience, are proud to offer Arch Fitters technology to our patients. When you’re ready to change your life, give us a call.


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