As it turns out, house calls have made a great come back in recent times. From the time immemorial, doctors used to visit patients and provide personalized care to them. Things changed drastically with the coming of hospital infrastructure and advanced technology. This made patients book for appointments, visit hospitals, travel far and wait in the queue for a long time to finally consult with the doctor.

Today, things are changing substantially. The growth of communication technology has given birth to services like doctor at home in Dubai which was not possible previously. Just a call or few clicks are enough for a doctor to visit you at your home and give you medical assistance anytime and anywhere. Common people more than ever are relying on such services and actively seek health checkup in Dubai which can be availed in the comfort of their homes.

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Even some studies in the US have pointed out that doctor at home services or doctor visits has proven to improve the medical care. For example, regular doctor visits help to detect any kind of new disease or medical issues at the earliest especially among the elderly. Additionally, medical assessment capabilities and preventive measures receive a great boost. Moreover, the satisfaction rate of patients receiving home care is high.

There is a broad spectrum of doctor at home services provided by healthcare providers. This includes physiotherapy at home, nursing at home, yearly health check-up package, medicine delivery and much more. This leads to an important question. Is doctor at home in Dubai services available and beneficial for all kinds of diseases and medical needs? This blog aims to answer this all-important question and elaborate on the matter. Let’s dive in:

Regular Medical Checkups

Doctor at home services in Dubai can be very useful to take regular medical checkups. In this day and age where diseases are quite common and any kind of ailment can strike anybody, it is important to have got their health assessed. The sub-categories of regular checkups would include the following:-


The newborn need special care all the time. Even a minute sickness or difficulty is a cause of concern. As the infants are unable to tell what the symptoms are or what is the problem, attention from paediatrician immediately can help a lot. It is even better when the paediatrician can visit home and attend to the needs.


Elderly gain the most from services like doctor at home in Dubai. As most of the older population can’t travel, a doctor visiting them for regular or routine checkups helps tremendously. It is important for even fit old people to get a solid checkups frequently. This will help prevent serious conditions or illness that occurs with age.


There are monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly medical checkups which can be performed by trained health professionals. If someone is frequently ill, it is important that right food, medication and necessary tests be done to rule out any difficult health conditions.


There are excellent yearly health packages which are cost-effective and at the same serve the purpose of keeping oneself healthy and diseases free always. The packages can vary depending on the needs of the people. This may or may not include regular checkup of eyes, tooth, respiratory system, stomach etc.


There are two kinds of illness found in human beings; acute and chronic.


Acute conditions can disturb human health. Such illness is often short and leaves the patient in some days. Certainly, the doctor at home in Dubai services can prevent acute diseases. For example, before the winter season begins, taking preventive measures to combat the severity of cold must be authorized by expert doctors.

Examples are the common cold, strep throat, fever, asthma attack, stomach illness etc.


Chronic diseases are those which affect people for a long period of time. One of the major chronic condition is chronic pain many people feel. The pain management practises and guidelines are given by doctors to minimize its effect. Otherwise, evaluation and special treatment for the chronic disease is imparted to the patients.

Examples are diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s disease etc.


In emergency cases, it is quite helpful to seek doctor at home services. Doctors, as part of the health checkup in Dubai services, can reach the spot of emergency fast and take necessary further decisions to save lives.


Multiple Medical problems

Those patients with multiple medical problems can take the help of the medical team who can visit and take care of the patient. Home care services help get you proper medication and even home nursing services to assist you throughout the recovery period.

After Surgery

Surgery of any type demands a lot of rest and special care. The regular visits by a doctor to keep you updated about the current and ongoing treatment and health status is valuable. Medications, food, activity; all can be taken care by medical experts and professionals. Further assessment is also possible anytime.


In case of injury, proper consultation with a doctor at home can be first carried out to understand the seriousness of the situation. If further treatment is needed, proper referral can be provided by the doctor for specialist.

Patient Death

Terminal Care

Terminal care is referred to treatment or care provided when the patient with a terminal condition is at a critical stage. Even if the condition can not be reversed or cured, care must be given. Doctor visits can help in such situation.

Death pronouncement

The onus is on the doctor to declare someone in the family as dead. Doctor at home can check and certify that the concerned is dead.

Thus, as you can understand, the benefits of doctor visit at home are multi-fold and these are the major types of illness and conditions where such service will be useful. First Response Healthcare in Dubai provides the best doctor at home in Dubai services. You can Call 050505387 or visit today for more details.