Your hair has determined its home.

That’s the motto of Buddy Joe’s Barber and Beauty Shop at 706 E. Sixth St. Rebecca Brown and Angela Francis opened the store in advance this month and serve both males and females.

“It’s long past quite right,” Brown said of commercial enterprise to this point. “We’re just getting our call available. Just permit human beings to understand that we’re here. It (the constructing) was a barber save for like forty-three years returned within the day up to ten years in the past.”

Brown said the building housed some of the businesses in the 10 years because it changed into closing a barber store, which include a tattoo parlor. The enterprise sits on a hectic street, and Brown said she and Francis have gone out waving to motorists that allows you to attract commercial enterprise.

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The shop is named after Brown’s father, Joe Brown and Francis’ father, Buddy Maynard. Both guys are deceased veterans and their images are displayed in the store.

Buddy Joe’s offers an expansion of services, and each is named after one of the fathers. For instance, clients can get the Not Your Average Joe’s precision haircut, the Bud’s and Suds wash and dry and Bud’s primary beard trim, amongst numerous different alternatives.

Brown and Francis had labored together at different salons earlier than deciding to open their very own business. Brown grew up in the ’80s while large hair become in fashion, so she worked on her pals’ hair before getting to know cosmetology at the Eastland-Fairfield Career Center.

Francis labored in telecommunications in Nashville and got worn-out of having laid off, so she learned her craft at Aveda Institute in Columbus.

“And the rest is records,” she stated. “And I’m happy. That’s the thing about it. I’m very glad. I feel like this is quite a great deal of a recession-evidence thing due to the fact hair grows.”

Francis lives near Grove City and has a 40-mile commute every day. Brown lives near Rushville has a forty-minute pressure herself. But they do not appear to mind the journey, especially considering they don’t get caught up in rush hour site visitors heading to Columbus.

For the destiny, Brown stated she and Francis would really like to perhaps amplify and feature a series of Buddy Joe’s stores.

“Because we have an excellent concept,” Francis stated. “With straight-razor shaves and all of the services we offer, we’re greater of a complete-provider salon.”

While the pair talked, Francis was slicing Charles Mathews’ hair.

“I adore it,” he stated. “I’ll be again.”

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Mathews located out about the brand new commercial enterprise from a bulletin board message at the complicated where he lives.

As a hairstylist, I spend a large time looking the internet for the present day looks and developments in the world of hair. While doing this I even have noticed that there are plenty of articles on approximately a way to discover the right hair reduce to your face form, what color hair is going excellent with your completion, or the way to find an awesome hairstylist. These articles are beneficial; however, I am going give an explanation for that simply by way of practicing salon etiquette you may make your subsequent visit to the salon a better one for you and your stylist.

I will begin by making appointments. It is essential to make an appointment before you stroll into a salon to get your hair done. As hairstylists, we do try and see stroll-ins because they’re potential new customers, but having a preset will ensure you’ve got a time blocked off only for you and your stylist. He or she could be capable of having sufficient time for a whole consultation, hence giving them clear know-how of what you would really like to have achieved for your hair.

Once the appointment has been made, specifically if it’s miles a few kinds of chemical remedy, please maintain it or cancel it 24 hours in advance. Your hair stylist is typically on a strict schedule. We are regularly looking to arrange matters a good way to maintain our clients satisfied. By no longer retaining your appointment you will leave beginning in our day that we ought to have packed with other clients, as a consequence hindering us from getting paid for that hour or. As well as displaying up, it is vital that you are on time. When you’re past due in your appointment then it will place us behind for the relaxation of the day in most instances. Therefore we might compensate all of the rest of our clients that we make wait with loose manicures or some sort of products. If you’ll be over 15 mins overdue you then must surely name your hair stylist to make certain that they are able to nonetheless do your hair.

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Now which you have made it in your appointment, it’s time to talk along with your hairstylist approximately what you would really like to do together with your hair. The first factor is to let us realize what has long past on together with your hair on account that your closing appointment. Have you had any trouble regions? Have you narrowed it your self? Have you been elsewhere to get it to reduce? These are all matters which can be important to understand. Next, a photo speaks one thousand words. The salon you visit needs to have a sufficient quantity of hair books as a way to study when you are there if you have not already picked out a fashion. If you are going for a special look then there’s no higher manner to get it than via having a picture of it. If you can not find it precisely then pick out an exclusive picture and factor out various things you like approximately every picture. The next thing to go over with your stylist is the stairs you are taking for you to get your hair equipped to leave your property every day. Be sincere! If you wash your hair and stroll out the door, then let your stylist recognize. If you spend hours doing all your hair each morning, permit your stylist to realize. If you are someplace inside the middle, permit your stylist to know. This will ensure you get the proper reduce for the quantity of work you’re willing to do for your hair every day.




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