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Before the invention My True Care  of penicillin, Roquefort cheese became carried out on open wounds with the aid of shepherds to prevent infections and gangrene.
Roquefort cheese is a kind of blue cheese, that’s slightly wet and crumbly with one-of-a-kind veins of emerald inexperienced mould. This cheese is taken into consideration to be a culinary satisfaction for its rich creamy texture and sharp, tangy flavor. In France, it’s miles known as ‘the cheese of kings and popes’. Only cheese ripened in the Combalou caves of Roquefort-Sur-Soulzon can bear the call Roquefort cheese, even though comparable sorts of blue cheese are produced in different places too.

Roquefort cheese receives its different taste and taste from the presence of the fungus Penicillium Roquefort, which can be discovered in the soil of those caves. Traditionally, cheesemakers used to leave bread inside the caves of Roquefort for approximately 6 to 8 weeks to sell the growth of Penicillium Roquefort. The interior of the bread changed into then dried and beaten to supply a powder that was utilized in making this special blue cheese. But now this mold can be grown in the laboratory as nicely. Today, Roquefort cheese is a identified geographical indication and the AOC (appellation origin contrôlée) has laid down several necessities that need to be fulfilled with a purpose to recollect a blue cheese as Roquefort.
Roquefort Cheese Health Benefits
Blue cheese sorts like Roquefort is wholesome, and much of its health advantages can be attributed to its rich dietary profile and the presence of the Penicillium Roquefort fungus. Roquefort cheese is constructed from sheep milk; generally, the milk of the Lacaune breed is used. The following are some of the maximum noteworthy blue cheese health blessings.
Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases
‘French paradox’ is a time period used for the statement that French people have a higher low occurrence of cardiovascular illnesses, regardless of indulging in a food regimen rich in saturated fat. Earlier, simplest pink wine changed into believed to be associated with this paradox. But these days, many scientists are of the opinion that Roquefort and other styles of fermented cheese may assist explain the famous ‘French paradox’. This is due to the fact blue cheese types like Roquefort possess anti-inflammatory residences that can provide protection in opposition to cardiovascular sicknesses.

Regular consumption of blue cheese is assumed to be the reason why the French experience higher fitness compared to different Europeans. Further, it’s been found that the anti-inflammatory properties of Roquefort cheese are better in acidic surroundings, such as within the surface of the pores and skin and the lining of the belly. Recently, some peptides remoted from the cheese had been observed to inhibit the ‘angiotensin-converting enzyme’ (ACE) much like ACE inhibitors used within the remedy of hypertension. Penicillium Roquefort can also fight dangerous bacteria and promote gut health.
Provides Relief from Arthritis

As mentioned already, Roquefort cheese has anti-inflammatory houses, which may also help ease the inflammation of joints. So, this cheese can provide comfort from inflammatory situations like arthritis and gout.
Helps in Weight Management
If consumed as part of a nicely-rounded nutrition plan, blue cheese like Roquefort can help in losing weight. Cheese carries high quantities of proteins, which permit you to sense satiated speedy and reduce your general calorie intake. Roquefort cheese let you feel full for longer, and thus reduce the tendency to snack on bad and excessive-calorie ingredients.
Slows Down the Aging Process

Blue cheese like Roquefort can help save you the formation of cellulite, which gives the pores and skin a cottage cheese-like look or texture. Cellulite is caused by the deposition of fat below the pores and skin, and ladies are extra vulnerable to this circumstance. Roquefort cheese and other fermented or ripened cheese may also help slow down the signs of growing old, like wrinkles and cellulite formation.
Promotes Bone Health
Dairy merchandise is a superb source of calcium this is required for strong bones and teeth. In postmenopausal girls, a deficiency of calcium can motive osteoporosis, that is characterized by using a discount in bone mineral density and fragile bones. Calcium rich meals like Roquefort cheese can assist save you this disease.
Provides Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Blue cheese can provide some of critical nutrients and minerals, which includes vitamin A, diet D, potassium, sodium, and zinc. All those vitamins and minerals are vital for the smooth operation of diverse biochemical methods of the body.
Promotes Health and Longevity
The beneficial effects of Roquefort are in particular attributed to the technique of cheese ripening. As cheese ripens, the mildew found in it produces a few compounds which can sell health and increase durability. It has been found that the French consume fermented or ripened cheese frequently and they’re plenty more healthy than different Europeans. In fact, French girls have the longest existence expectancy in Europe.

Sheep milk has much less saturated fats and LDL cholesterol, but greater nutrition A, vitamin B, calcium, and phosphorus in comparison to cow’s milk. This is the reason why Roquefort cheese is taken into consideration lots more healthy than cheese made from cow’s milk. Roquefort cheese is not simplest healthful, however, is distinctly valued for its particular taste and flavor as nicely. Though this cheese is available all year spherical, the fine time to experience it is from April to October.

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