An unregistered rubdown therapist who had a sexual courting with a patient, drug theft, an inebriated nurse, and capacity Medicare fraud have been amongst thousands of lawsuits handled using the Office of the Health Ombudsman last year.

Health Ombudsman Andrew Brown’s present-day annual report famous there had been eleven,569 proceedings and inquiries obtained in 2017-18. That turned into a growth of 13 consistent with cent on the previous year. Almost 1/2 of the proceedings recognized person practitioners, with medical practitioners making up the largest organization, observed through nurses, dentists, psychologists, and pharmacists.

The Ombudsman’s record discovered numerous examples of its current cases.

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In 2015, the Ombudsman issued a meantime prohibition order to an unregistered rubdown therapist after entering into a private and sexual relationship with a patient at a rehabilitation retreat who became being treated for drug and alcohol addictions. The practitioner filed a utility in QCAT to check the decision, but the Tribunal upheld the interim prohibition order, locating her actions posed a “critical risk.”

Last 12 months, the Health Ombudsman investigated 37 practitioners over allegations of robbery of drugs and medications, including 27 nurses, with the rest in fashionable exercise, anesthetics, pediatrics, medical practice, and pharmacy unregistered dental assistant. The tablets had been predominantly stolen or fraudulently acquired for the practitioners’ private use, with most Brisbane and the Gold Coast cases.

More than half of those have been for scheduled 8 controlled drugs, ten-compassing morphine, methadone, and oxycodone. In numerous cases, patient details have been fraudulently used to get entry to and thieve confined or managed pills. The Ombudsman stated stealing drugs for personal use suggested a practitioner can be had been training at the same time as impaired, which can create a danger to patients.

In an unrelated case that went earlier than QCAT, an anesthetic nurse went to paintings even as drunk and scrubbed up for surgical treatment. She became competitive and abusive while approached by the different workforce, who referred to as police. The nurse recorded blood alcohol analyzing of 0.26 and later failed to inform the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia of her conviction, as required by law.

QCAT found the nurse behaved in a way that constituted professional misconduct, and she turned into reprimanded and fined $2000. In some other case, a lady complained she felt humiliated after allegedly overhearing midwives speaking disparagingly approximately her out of doors the maternity room.

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She stated she had hassle breastfeeding her newborn toddler and asked midwives for an assist; however, she later overheard the group of workers denigrating her decision not to stick with breastfeeding. The Ombudsman referred the problem to the general public medical institution, in which the director of the maternity ward raised it with the body of workers.

The workers have been regretful of the soreness they brought on the girl and recognized their actions have been insensitive and unprofessional. They were advised to do extra training in affected person-targeted care, and the director is known as the female to apologize on behalf of the medical institution.

In every other incident, a patient consented to the surgical procedure after being confident by the clinic’s team of workers that his non-public medical health insurance might cover all prices. But weeks later, the affected person received an invoice from the medical institution requesting payment incomplete.

When he contacted his personal fitness insurer, the affected person turned alarmed to analyze that the manner turned into now unprotected by his medical health insurance coverage. He would need to pay out of his own pocket. After contacting the Ombudsman, the health facility admitted the recommendation turned into a mistake and it was likely a key issue within the affected person’s choice to consent to the technique.

The hospital determined to waive all costs and evaluate its internal policies and group of workers conversation to make certain similar errors did not occur again. There were several healthcare lawsuits at a personal fitness carrier facility, such as prescribing concerns, failing to coordinate treatment with sufferers’ GPs, unreasonable billing practices, and capacity Medicare fraud. The be counted changed into referred for research of capacity systemic troubles and the Department of Human Services when it comes to Medicare fraud.

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The insurance purchaser’s prerogative to locate and apprehend the rights of coverage holders earlier than purchasing personal medical health insurance (PMI). It is critical to read the terms and situations of the policy document carefully and know exactly what isn’t always protected.

Some key data to the word before shopping for medical insurance:


The Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) alter personal health insurance rules in the UK. This changed into in advance done by way of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).


The FCA requires private health insurance carriers and brokers to have court case procedures. In case one isn’t happy with the coverage corporation’s response in resolving a problem, one may additionally technique the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). It is a loose and unbiased carrier to settle disputes.


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is the UK’s felony fund for accredited economic services clients. It is an independent corporation installation underneath the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. In the event of the insurer’s insolvency or its inability to honor a declare, the FSCS can pay reimbursement to the coverage holder.


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